Just finished the updated concept. Time to change the website, contact some blogs and get ready for the photoshoot

“I am slowly beginning to exhale”

My friends over at DapperJobs created an awesome video of Sh*t Founders Say. It’s pretty funny because fairly accurate. I’ve found a few things in the video that I have said over the past few months. You really hear some crazy stuff out here.

Last week, I heard of a company that is doing a search engine for people who don’t want to leave their current page. This idea clearly came from an older guy (in his 40’s) who doesn’t seem to know about tabs, so he must be making it for internet explorer 6.

Anyway, Enjoy!

Day IDK (I’ve stopped counting): The piece are coming together

I’ve been missing from here. That’s what happens when you get busy. The past several weeks have been productive and recently have become more fruitful. I have moved out of KrashPad Charlestown and have moved two stops down the orange line to Malden. Between that time, I was staying with a friend and traveling back and forth to New York.

I also had the opportunity to meet with a lot of people to discuss my project. From people in the fashion and photography world to people in tech and industry about my product and strategy. For the most part, my industry counter parts have ignored me, telling me what they think I should do instead. All I have asked of them is to help me. I almost got to the point where I was telling them to “shut-up and take my money”.

Recently I have had a series of breakthroughs, in my attempt to raise $50K I have now received a total of $260K in offers from various investors.    (I’m only taking about $50K as I had originally intended). I’ll take this as a good sign. Additionally, I have also found a company that wants to work with me and help me design the lenses for my smart glasses. I was surprised how many companies didn’t listen to my needs and were telling me what they think. I really don’t give a fuck what they think when it comes to my business, their job is to be a design consultant. Tell me where the icebergs are and let me captain the ship.

Things are taking a bit longer, which is typical. So the launch date for kickstarter will have to get pressed back about month to a month and half to somewhere around the end of November.

On a personal note, I’ve been seeing a girl for a little over a month now. She’s pretty nice and smart.  She makes most of the other girls I dated this summer look like nothing at all. Let’s see how that goes…..

“What the fuck am I doing?”


To celebrate it’s powerful new camera, Dave Altizer and I shot a short film entirely on an iPhone 5s.


A creative video I found that was completely shot with an iPhone 5s